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About paid to click and PTCShare

Viewing advertisements (ads) is the easiest, time-proven and the most comfortable way to make money online without investment and credit card from home. There is no age restriction or other requirements – everyone with daily access to the internet can do it.

The best paying program for me is still a Prizerebel.com. It specializes in surveys and offers. Earned points can be exchanged for money in PayPal or gift cards. Not all are available for all countries, and accurate survey data is required, so I recommend trying it for yourself and combine it with PTCShare. Here you can register with PrizeRebel.

Back to PTCShare – it is a product of MyTrafficValue (more about MTV here) which is a safe and stable platform – paying users for activities since 2011. It’s a bit different from all other Paid To Click sites out there, as members are rewarded for their activity and commitment giving them even more chances to earn money online.

PTCShare is a product of the creators of Paidverts – successful Paid To Click site. It is much simpler to understand than Paidverts, with a much smoother process and even more opportunities to earn money. It is also called the biggest launch of 2019 in the Paid To Click and Revenue Share industry by its developers.

So let’s take a look, how it all works.

First steps – BAP explanation

After registration you can log in to the site and start receiving ads if you have an activated account. You simply have to view activation ads to do that – these will also give you free Bonus Ad Points (BAP), which determine how much cash ads you can receive. Each BAP is worth 0.0005 $ and every time you receive an ad, you will be charged the corresponding amount of point of your BAP balance. With 0 BAP balance, you will be not getting cash ads. The more BAP you have the more you will earn. There are various ways to grow your BAP, viewing activations ads is one you should definitely do daily.

Activation ads - free BAP

The fastest way to get to higher BAP group and receive bigger ads is buying Bulk Ads. Each 1$ spend on Bulk Ads will grant you 2360 BAP worth 1.18 $ in cash ads and advertising – 125 banner impressions.

Besides viewing activation ads and purchasing Bulk Ads you will also earn BAP via daily bonuses for loyalty (logging at the site every day, completing achievements). You can also play virtual casino games for BAP, but be careful here, it’s gamble after all.

BAP rewards

BAP Groups

Here is the amount of BAP and corresponding groups:

BAP Group 0 …….. 100 to 1599 BAP
BAP Group 1 …….. 1600 to 12000 BAP
BAP Group 2 …….. 12000 to 24000 BAP
BAP Group 3 …….. 24k to 48k BAP
BAP Group 4 …….. 48k to 96k BAP
BAP Group 5 …….. 96k to 180k BAP
BAP Group 6 …….. 180k to 360k BAP
BAP Group 7 …….. 360k to 720k BAP
BAP Group 8 …….. 720k to 1.5m BAP
BAP Group 9 …….. 1.5m to 3m BAP
BAP Group 10 ……. 3m to 6m BAP
BAP Group 11 ……. 6m to 20m BAP
BAP Group 12 ……. 20,000,000+ BAP

More about BAP here.

Receiving cash ads

Once you’ve activated your account, you will be able to start receiving cash ads. These might be sent at different times, so make sure to check back at least once daily. The important thing here is the ads are available for 18 hours and you don’t want them to expire – you spent your BAP on them already, so that’s why you should log in daily. If you cant view your ads, use vacation mode in your profile settings. Vacation mode pauses the ads delivery and you will not lose your BAP during that time.

There is also upgrade to extend the 18-hour ad timer, upgrade for receiving these expired ads from other users, upgrade for filtering low value and more.

Increase earnings

Check your main page for reward and achievement widgets. They show your progress and simple ways to increase your earnings as well as how much free BAP you can get extra. Try to complete as many of them to maximize your earnings. Check these at any time, to see if there’s something new you should try and complete.

Cash offers

PTCShare has also a referral system. Users under you will grant you a 7% commission on their every ad purchase and 3% commission of the value of their ad clicks. You can also send them BAP to speed up their progress to the higher BAP group.

Current deposit and withdrawal methods are PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Solidtrustpay, Payeer with minimum payouts starting at 1$.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, have a look at all the features – from playing games, completing offers, buying ad campaigns to upgrading and managing your account. Enjoy!

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