Bonus Ad Points

BAP Groups

Amount of BAP determine your group. Higher groups grants you access to ads with more value. This system is designed take no more than a few minutes for you to complete the round of Paid Ads. With higher BAP group value of your ads will be higher but the amount will be the same. No one wants to click ads to oblivion, right?

Dynamic Ad value

Most PTC sites have a fixed value for every ad you click. With PTCShare you’re going to start with few cents progressing to whole dollars. So don’t be discouraged by the first days.

Free BAPs

Free BAPs are distributed every day from Monday to Friday in form of Activation Ads, and there is also a bonus BAP reward if you achieve some additional goals on PTCShare page.

Buying Ads and obtaining more points

There are shortcuts to get more points. If you buy advertisement for your site you will get BAPs also and you climb the ladder much faster.